Ragout products

Various croquettes and bitterballen in multiple formats, suitable for the oven/air fryer or deep fryer. Vegetarian croquettes made from specific ingredients are also possible. This variety, combined with multiple possible packaging formats available, enables us to develop a satisfactory concept for anyone.

Artisan snacks

Together with our partners, we offer a very diverse snack selection in various packaging formats. Choose your own favourites for your brand and target group. Are you in need of a new, special snack? We would be delighted to develop and produce this for you.

Bread snacks

Looking for a good toasty? Or a generously filled panini? We can help with their development.

Egg noodle snacks

At our snack factory, we create delicious traditional egg noodle and spicy oriental noodle snacks using various techniques with our own noodles cooked al dente.

Asian snacks

Together with respected and specialised production partners in numerous Asian countries, we can develop a broad selection of traditional or innovative concepts. Not only are these extraordinarily tasty, they also meet all relevant European quality standards. Examples are diverse forms of yakitori, dim sum and spring rolls.