Fish in puff pastry

Tasty MSC/ASC certified fish in a sensational marinade, covered in a crispy layer of puff pastry. This delicious fish can be served as part of a good meal or as a snack to enjoy with a drink.


A beautiful piece of fish, hand-filled and accompanied by one of many sauces available. The fillings add that extra touch to the delicious, carefully selected filet. The fish can be prepared in multiple ways: natural, breaded or pre-fried.


Traditionally prepared fish makes for a nostalgic and unparalleled taste experience. Frio Food offers this experience: fish cooked at the perfect temperature, with a dose of patience.

Breaded fish

One of Frio Food’s specialities is a juicy piece of fish in crispy batter – from lightly seasoned to seriously spicy. All types of fish are available pre-cooked or uncooked.