Own brands and A brands

We offer a portfolio of own and exclusive A brands in the frozen food segment. Amongst others, we sell All Freeze exclusively. We are proud to take care of the sales and marketing of these exclusive A brands.

Our own brands, including Dé Kroket, Dé Hitterbal and Dorada are produced at several factories worldwide. Our ingredients always come from close by. That is, our Asian Fingerfood products are produced in Asia, but our croquettes come from Brabant, the Netherlands.

More information about these and all our other distinctive brands can be found on this webpage.


We don’t just buy products; we actively search for interesting domestic and foreign products that can be introduced to all the markets we operate in. This makes us specialists at inventing, developing and producing new frozen food concepts and products! We like to develop new concepts and products together with our customers. This enables us to develop private label concepts that make everyone happy.


We always want the quality of our product to be guaranteed. We continually work in close cooperation with our partners to achieve this. They help us translate the latest trends into innovative products. To continue being real ‘inspirators’, we go to relevant fairs, visit shops and follow trends in foreign markets. This enables us to surprise our customers proactively with new product ideas. Naturally, we work to meet the demands of our clients. New products ideas are translated into unique concepts at the product- and brand level. Packaging and marketing play and important role in this.

We help our customers as a ‘food inspirator’ by facilitating the whole process: from the original idea to marketing the final product. We like to unburden our clients, which is why we have a logistics partner that takes care of the storage and transportation of your frozen food products.

Read all about our brands, products and ways of working on the webpage and explore the range of possibilities we can offer you as our client.