Plant-based ice cream

The current trend in ice cream is plant-based ice cream made from soy, coconut or oats. Frio Food is at the forefront of the development of this ice cream. We can work with all these base ingredients and create a beautiful plant-based product range.

Impulse ice cream

Frio Food is also your go-to partner for impulse ice cream: from cones and creamy sticks to sorbet, we offer tailored solutions.

Cocktail ice cream

Summer beer ice cream, festive champagne ice cream, trendy cocktail ice cream and luxurious dessert ice cream. From impulse ice cream to creamy options, Smart’s unique Smart Ice fibre technology enables us to create ice cream with an alcohol percentage of up to 6%.

Dutch dairy ice cream

Real Dutch dairy ice cream is made with fresh milk straight from the farm. The milk is fresh, full Dutch grass-fed milk. Organic or artisan, it’s all possible, depending on your wishes.


Sorbet is a must-have for summer days and desserts. Besides familiar flavours such as lemon and raspberry, we have some surprising flavour combinations for you to delight your customers with, including apple cinnamon and blood orange.

Italian gelato

We work exclusively with real Italian gelato using fresh Italian ingredients. We use 100 per cent natural ingredients and thus have a clean label. We offer an extensive range of authentic Italian ice cream flavours.