Looking for pizzas to snack on alongside a drink? We have those too! Our mini-pizzas are available in many different sizes, shapes and packaging formats.


Frio Food is a perfect partner for American pizzas. This style of pizza is characterised by a thick and airy, bready crust. Here too, the topping possibilities are endless.

Thin & crispy

For the thinnest and crispiest crust, Frio Food is your go-to partner. The wafer-thin crust is developed through a special laminating and stretching process. Not only does this make the crust crispier than a regular pizza crust, it also brings down the salt and fat content.

Italian thin crust

Authentic Italian pizzas with a thin crust are the most familiar and best selling pizzas in retail. These pizzas can be prepared to your wishes and specifications, with all sorts of toppings.